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What Does a Christmas Work Celebration Look Like in 2020?

What Does a Christmas Work Celebration Look Like in 2020?

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It’s August already and whilst it may be sad to think that we have spent the majority of 2020 indoors it also means that there are now just four months until Christmas! We have no idea what Christmas 2020 will look like with all the uncertainty of COVID but one thing you can be certain of is that Chef’s Compliments will still be here to deliver some Christmas cheer whether we are locked down or not!

Christmas is always a time of year we love as we’re usually very busy delivering Christmas Work Parties, Family Christmas Dinners on the big day and we’re delivering our services all the way through to the New Year to help our client’s welcome in the New Year in style!

This year however things will no doubt be looking a bit different for Chef’s Compliments and our clients, there is one thing we can tell you for sure though, whether we are in lockdown or not, we will be here to deliver our virtual cooking lessons! We are aware how much staff look forward to the Christmas do and this year, when staying connected has been more of a challenge (to say the least!) it is even more important the effort is made to connect and give people a reason to celebrate. Our virtual cooking lessons are the perfect alternative to your usual work Christmas celebrations!

To get ahead of the game, you can book your virtual cooking lesson now for your work team to join in, connect and celebrate the festive season! The great thing about the virtual lesson is, in these uncertain times, it’s something you can be certain about! Book your virtual lesson now and you will be guaranteed that you and your work colleagues will be able to gather and celebrate with it this Christmas. If a lockdown is imposed or you have workers that still need to shield, everyone will still be able to join in on the lesson!

Here’s a breakdown of how the lesson works;

  1. The first step to our virtual lesson is contacting us!
  2. Start a discussion with our lead chef, Darryl, on what your work team would like to learn. Given that it will be the festive season, we can come up with plenty of suggestions which will equip you and your colleagues with the skills to deliver the perfect Christmas Dinner! Alternatively, to create a bit of buzz and excitement, why not put it to your colleagues to decide on what they would like to learn? You could even create a poll!
  3. Once you have decided on what you will be learning, we will create customised recipes for the lesson which will be provided to the participants beforehand along with instructions on how to prepare for the lesson.
  4. Then on the day of the lesson, our lead chef Darryl will deliver the lesson over 2 hours.

The great thing about these lessons is they’re tried and tested. They are a new product we introduced given the restrictions of COVID and they have fast become a customer favourite!

There is also no limit to how many people can take part! No matter if you’re a team of 5 or 500, we can accommodate your Christmas work celebration this year with one of our lessons. Not only that, but we can cross borders with our teaching! If your team is international, this is not an issue, wherever your colleagues are based they can join in with the lesson!

You can book your Christmas work party cooking lesson as early as today so contact us to get the ball rolling!

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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