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Virtual Cooking Lessons

Virtual Cooking Lessons

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Everything is going online including Chef’s Compliments Cooking Lessons!

In the past weeks you have probably found yourselves adapting to changes in your everyday life now that we have to spend a lot more time at home. For those working from home, you’ve had to navigate how working in an office translates to working in your dinning or living room!

Services have had to move online to minimise contact and things have been no different at Chef’s Compliments. We have had to look at adaptions we will need to make to ensure the health of everyone from our customers to our staff to the wider public. We have changed the way we deliver our services to our clients and one of the ways we’re doing this is by offering Virtual Cooking Lessons!

If you are familiar with how we have been organising cooking lessons in the past then you will see not much has changed, we will still follow the same steps;

· You will have the opportunity to tell us exactly what you’d like to learn or you can give us ideas on your likes and dislikes and we can help you develop a bespoke lesson plan. All lessons are based on what you really want to learn.

· The next step is where there is a slight change. Once we have your confirmed lesson we will provide you with a shopping list and customised recipe cards via email. You will then need to get the ingredients needed for your lesson.

· When it comes to the time of the lesson, we will contact you via a video call and go through your bespoke virtual cooking lesson. There can be as many people as possible to join the lesson for the same price!

This is a great way to break the boredom you may feel into when being at home all the time. We can no longer go to the cinema or to restaurants to eat but this a great activity you can do with members of your household or work colleagues to have fun and we’re sure it’ll be a welcome distraction! Not only that but you’ll be learning great skills! Just think, now could be the ideal time to perfect your craft in the kitchen and a lesson with Chef Darryl could be a great way to start. 

To see about booking in your virtual cooking lesson, contact us today! 

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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