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Vegetarian Cooking Lessons


Here at Chef’s Compliments we understand that dietary choices differ, and so we want to do our best to offer a wide range of lessons to cater for this. Our vegetarian cooking lessons are available for anyone to enjoy, whether you’re a vegetarian yourself or have a friend or relative you want to cater for more openly. Our chefs are experienced and knowledgeable in preparing vegetarian-friendly dishes, and so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting lessons from someone who understands. Our three-hour lessons can teach you how to prepare a wide range of meat-free dishes, so why not pick up a voucher today?


When you book our vegetarian cooking lessons, you’ll receive a three hour lesson for up to three people, with a Chef’s Compliments cotton apron and recipe cards so you can return to the dishes in the future. All of our chefs are not only experienced in creating vegetarian dishes, they are all industry specialists, with some even working in the best restaurants around the world, so you can be certain that you are in the safest of hands. Expand your menu with some high-quality, delicious dishes that are perfect for the vegetarians amongst you!

Vegetarian Cooking Lesson
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Unsure On What Foods to Cook If Your Vegetarian?

If you’re vegetarian, you may be struggling to find a wide range of dishes that you can prepare. Are you starting to eat the same dishes over and over again and want something a little different to add to your repertoire? Our chefs can provide you with exactly that. All you have to do is book the lesson and provide the kitchen, and our chefs will do the rest. We will bring all of the ingredients necessary, so you don’t need to worry about having them at home!


If our vegetarian cooking lessons sound like something you want to take part in, why not get in touch with us, or pick up a voucher from our store today? Additionally, after your vegetarian cooking lessons with one of our chefs, why not cook your own veggie BBQ or even have your own vegetarian dinner party? Choose a dish from our vegetarian menu and showcase your new cooking skills.

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