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Free yourself from the hard work, responsibility, and stress of entertaining by hiring one of Chef’s Compliments’ private chefs to cater for all the culinary needs of your home dinner party. Sit back, relax and be a guest in your own home, as our private chefs bring expertise and the finest ingredients to your kitchen, where they will prepare and cook the most delicious, exquisite dinner party meals for you and your guests.


At Chef’s Compliments, we will create a bespoke and unique menu just for you, tailored for the exacting standards and precise requirements of any dinner party occasion. Our bespoke menus will also be designed to suit the specific dietary preferences of you and your dinner party guests, whether it be gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto diets or food sensitivities and allergies. Our private chefs will serve and talk you through your dishes, explaining their culinary history and provenance. In addition, to complete the fine dining restaurant experience, if your dinner party has more than six guests, Chef’s Compliments will provide you with your own personal waiting staff.


At Chef’s Compliments, we have gone to great lengths to find and curate a selection of the finest professional private chefs for you to choose from. Our carefully selected private chefs are vastly experienced, having honed their culinary skills in some of the best restaurants across the globe. Some have authored the cookery books that sit in your kitchen, appeared on the TV food programmes you watch and even prepared, cooked and served food for the Royal Family. To learn more about Chef’s Compliments’ select line-up of expert private chefs, please click here.

Seared Cod, Braised Fennel, Black Garlic Gnocchi, Tarragon Burre Blanc


Chef’s Compliments specialise first and foremost, in providing the best private chefs for bespoke dinner parties and events across the city of London, although we can also provide private chefs for hire outside of London, around the UK and also in Ireland (please enquire if this is what you are looking for). The pricing of our services at Chef’s Compliments is calculated according to how many guests need to be catered for, and the nature of your specific bespoke menu – of course, not all ingredients are the same price. Our fee will include the cost of fresh, high-end ingredients, the private chef’s labour time preparing, cooking, and bringing your menu to life, and also the costs of their travel to and from the site of your dinner party event. Any additional kitchen equipment or utensils that may be needed to prepare and serve your menu will be provided by our fully-equipped private chefs.

To discuss your event and to get a date booked in for your bespoke dinner party please send us a message or call 0208 226 3759

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