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BBQ Cooking Lessons


No matter what previous experience you have with cooking, Chef’s Compliments have put together the most comprehensive range of bespoke cooking lessons to ensure that we have something for everyone.  This includes our dedicated BBQ lessons, which have been carefully constructed to provide the very best skills and knowledge needed to grill any type of meat to an exceptional standard every single time.


With our incredible BBQ lessons, you will receive a three-hour long session where one of our trained chefs will teach you everything needed to cook amazing food in the most efficient ways possible. Evidence of the quality in which our chefs are able to achieve can be found when they are hired for any corporate event catering London experience. This is when our chefs are truly in their element since they can stretch their creative flair and produce food of the most astounding quality.


Our BBQ lessons voucher is the perfect gift for any friends or family that enjoy cooking or want to learn more skills related to the trade. Every one of our sessions can be attended by up to three people, which means you are more than welcome to join any loved ones for their crash course in BBQ cooking.


Our chefs will organise all the necessary components needed for the day, which includes bringing along a wide selection of fresh ingredients. As part of the lesson, you will be given information cards that detail the food that has been cooked and the procedures that took place during any of the cooking. We will even hand you your very own Chef’s Compliments apron which you are more than welcome to take home with you after the lesson has taken place.


Any voucher needs to be redeemed within 6-months, which means you have plenty of time to put aside a date ready for your bespoke BBQ cooking lesson with Chef’s Compliments.

Up to 3 people can take part in the lesson and a voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase

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BBQ Leg of Lamb

The Benefits Of Bespoke BBQ Cooking Lessons

When the summer season approaches, many people dust off their BBQ ready for the warm weather conditions. Having the skills required to provide exceptional tasting meat is at the very forefront for any BBQ event, which is why using the knowledge we have at Chef’s Compliments is definitely something to consider.


We guarantee that any of our bespoke BBQ cooking lessons will give you the skillset needed to host the very best BBQ events during the summer since we know everything there is to know about grilling meat and enhancing flavours.


Every single one of our chefs has been working within the cooking industry for a number of years and have always received widespread acclaim for their ability to produce world-class cuisine. Their diversity means they are highly sought after for any dinner party catering since they can adapt to any type of taste or dietary requirement.


For more information about the cooking lessons we have on offer here at Chef’s Compliments, you can get in touch with any member of our team by simply calling 0208 226 37 59.

Up to 3 people can take part in the lesson and a voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase

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