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If you have something to celebrate then one of our Cooking Parties could be perfect for you! A Chef’s Compliments Cooking Party is a unique and special way to mark a special occasion with your friends or family.

We bring fun directly to you! We provide you with a personal chef who will teach you how to make restaurant quality cuisine using only the best ingredients.

Our aim is to not only deliver an unforgettable experience but also to make the whole process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. Each one of our clients is unique which is why we treat no two the same and offer a bespoke experience on each event we do. At your Cooking Party you can learn whatever you like and we will consult with you on this until you have the perfect dishes you’d like to learn.

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To book your Cooking Party is simple, just contact us and we’ll ask all the relevant questions to design your bespoke experience. We will provide you with a consultation form which takes less than 3 minutes to complete. We’ve broken down the booking process below so you’ll know what you can see how easy it is!

  • We will send a consultation form to you on your first email which will take less than 3 minutes to complete. This will let us know the time, date and location of the Cooking Party so we can begin to plan this.
  • The form will also ask for details on what you’re interested in learning. If you have certain dishes in mind we will be happy to do these as part of your Cooking Party but if your ideas are a bit vaguer you will liaise with the owner directly who has over 16 years experience in Michelin start kitchens to help design you Cooking Party.
  • Once your Cooking Party plan is decided we can send you an invoice and upon payment, your Cooking Party will be secure and you can completely relax!

Whether it’s a hen party, stag party, birthday or anniversary celebration, the Cooking Party can be a great way to make it memorable. We will provide you with bespoke recipe cards for each of the dishes you create during your Cooking Party so not only will you be unable to forget the event but you’ll always be able to recreate those dishes you learnt with ease afterwards. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

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The range of skills you can learn at one of our Cooking Parties are endless, here are just a few examples of Cooking Party themes from past clients.

  • Learn to make pasta from scratch
  • Learn how to cook using the Sous Vide method
  • Learn how to create delicious vegetarian dishes
  • Learn knife skills
  • Learn how to make an amazing 3-course meal
  • Upgrade your skills on the BBQ with a summer BBQ Cooking Party
  • For pescatarians, learn how to perfect fish dishes
  • For the health conscious, learn how to make both healthy and great tasting food

The dishes you can create at your Cooking Party are not only diverse but we are also happy to cover any dietary requirements our clients have. Whether it’s an allergy, Kosher or Halal requirement or there’s just certain foods you dislike, we can tailor any recipe so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.


You can get the best of both worlds at one of our Cooking Parties by upgrading it and make the event that bit extra special. Enjoy the experience of both a Cooking Lesson and a Dinner Party by upgrading your Cooking Party so that the chef stays behind once the lesson is complete to serve the food to you and your guests. Not only will you learn new skills in the kitchen but then you’ll be able to sit down and relax after, while your waited on, and enjoy the dishes you have helped to create. Chef’s Compliments will also do a full clear down before the team’s departure so there’s nothing to do after the Cooking Party.


For your bespoke, unforgettable Cooking Party experience to mark whatever special occasion it may be, contact us today and we will be happy to create the perfect Cooking Party for you and your guests celebration.

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