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Healthy Eating Week 2022

Healthy Eating Week 2022

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Did you know that the 10th Healthy Eating Week will be taking place this June so if you haven’t marked the occasion before now is the time to and learn more about it.

Healthy Eating Week will take place from 13th to 17th June, the annual event organised by the British Nutrition Foundation to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Each year the foundation gives the event a new theme and sets out challenges for each day to engage people in their mission. The theme this year is ‘eat well for you and the planet.’

As an organisation in the culinary industry who have consciously made efforts to reduce our negative impact on the environment, Healthy Eating Week’s theme this year couldn’t be more in line with our work and beliefs. Over the years we have actively encouraged healthy eating, we have promoted seasonal eating for not only the benefits of our clients health but also the positive impact this lifestyle choice has on the environment. We also recently shared with you the efforts we have gone to in minimising any negative effect our work has on the planet.

The British Nutrition Foundation’s mission this Healthy Eating week goes hand in hand with what we do so we’re going to share with you their daily challenges for this year and how we can help you meet them with our Cooking Lesson service.

Healthy Eating Week 2022 Daily Challenges

Monday: Focus on fibre – for meals and snacks

Tuesday: Get at least 5 A DAY – put plenty on your plate

Wednesday: Vary your protein – be more creative

Thursday: Stay hydrated – fill up from the tap

Friday: Reduce food waste – know your portions

Chef’s Compliments Cooking Lessons

Our cooking lessons can help you reach a number of the goals set out in the daily challenges for this year by the British Nutrition Foundation.

This Healthy Eating Week you’re encouraged to heighten your awareness of what’s included in your diet with key mentions of fibre, fruit and veg and protein and with one of our lessons we can help make sure you’re working these things in. All of our lessons are bespoke meaning we can base them on whatever your desired theme is. We could do a lesson focusing on one of the key recommendations from the British Nutrition Foundation or we could work all three things into one lesson, we will work with you to create the perfect plan.

Not only can our lesson help you to include the British Nutrition Foundation’s suggestions of fibre, fruit and veg and protein in your diet, we can also help you to reduce your food waste. One of the challenges this Healthy Eating Week is to ‘know your portions’ by being aware of this you can plan your meals and know the exact amount of ingredients you need to avoid food waste which has a negative impact on the planet. At one of our cooking lessons we can focus on meals that you can plan for each week based on your household size and provide recipes tailored to you to ensure that you are not making portions too big meaning things go to waste.

A lesson this Healthy Eating Week can be great in the domestic setting to encourage healthy eating in the family or it could also be a great excercise for a work team as part of an employers effort to boost the wellbeing of the team.

If you would be interested in booking one of our cooking lessons this Healthy Eating Week contact us today.

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