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Our virtual cooking lessons are the perfect team building exercise

Our virtual cooking lessons are the perfect team building exercise

With a switch to remote working because of lockdown we have all had to adapt and the invention of our virtual cooking lessons for this reason could help your work place in dealing with this change.

Working from home has cut out the natural interactions we would have with colleagues in the office. For many working from home has brought benefits but it has not been without it’s challenges. Losing out on interacting with colleagues can diminish the work team’s happiness and ability to work together.

But not to worry! Our virtual cooking lessons are the remedy to your team’s work from home woes!

Our lessons are an activity that as many of your colleagues as you want can join and they can join from anywhere in the world. One of our chefs will create a shared experience to remember as they use the first class skills they have picked up in their careers to turn your work team into pros in the kitchen.

Here are our top reasons why our team building virtual cooking lessons are perfect for your work force!

Friendships- Getting to know everyone in an organisation can be a challenge but this has become even more of a daunting task with working from home and no longer working in the same space. A virtual cooking lesson is a great way for colleagues to meet who otherwise wouldn’t have and to build friendships. This not only creates a pleasant work environment but it is also said that having friendships in the work place has a positive impact on work engagement.

Positivity- Investing in a team building exercise such as our virtual lesson creates a positive work culture. Employees can see they are valued when employers go out of their way to bring an element of fun to the workplace and this is great for staff retention.

The Workplace has got Talent!- Putting an effort into activities for your colleagues not only shows them they’re valued but also allows you to discover their hidden strengths. During our lesson you may uncover a colleague is a great problem solver as they are quick to find an alternative utensil when they don’t have something the chef is demonstrating with. You may uncover another colleagues creativity when they add their own touch to a dish with an ingredient you wouldn’t have thought to use. Getting to know your colleagues in this way will only strengthen things in work as you recognise where they shine and where they can be called on for help.

So if you’d be interested in planning one of our Virtual Cooking Lessons to encourage team building in your workplace, contact us today!

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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