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Halloween Corporate Cooking Lesson

Halloween Corporate Cooking Lesson

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2020 has been a crazy year and it’s already October which means on the last day of this month it will be that time of year again to celebrate Halloween.

With all the uncertainty that this year has thrown at us, particularly recently as we speculate what new measures are going to be introduced, make sure your Halloween celebrations are certain with Chef’s Compliments!

For those of us that were used to getting up and doing the commute Monday to Friday for our nine to five pre 2020, we have been given a bit of the run around recently! From having to work from home to then being encouraged to go back to the office to now being encouraged again to work from home it’s been hard to keep up!

If you haven’t been able to return to the office since lock down kicked in back in March 2020 no doubt you haven’t been able to connect with your colleagues as you would have done in more normal times. The nation is missing those after work drinks to let off a bit of steam after a hard days work.

We know this has been a challenging time and we have faced our own challenges in having to adapt our services but one of the great things that has come out of the changes is the introduction of our corporate cooking lessons! This is a great way for us to still reach people in COVID times and for our amazing chefs to share their valuable skills. Not only that, but we are giving work colleagues that chance to connect again and do something fun!

When lock down and work from home was first implemented, work rates initially went up however they then began to decrease. Keeping your team motivated while working remotely can be a challenge. Our corporate cooking lessons are a great way to inject some fun back into your colleagues work life and boost morale and ultimately productivity!

Being autumn, with winter approaching, that means colder weather and darker nights, a corporate cooking lesson is just what the doctor ordered and Halloween is the perfect excuse for an occasion to host one!

Our corporate lessons are delivered remotely, our chef will teach your group through a video link and another great thing about these lessons is the number of participants is limitless and people can join from wherever they are in the world!

If you fancy hosting a Halloween corporate cooking lesson, you can go as understated or over the top as you like. We can teach you Halloween themed dishes and it’s up to you and your colleagues whether you decide to dress up!

So if you’re interested in a Halloween corporate cooking lesson, contact us today!

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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