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Zero Waste in the Kitchen

Zero Waste in the Kitchen

Last month we told you about all the steps we have taken as a company to make sure we have a minimum impact on the environment.

We have moved to a greener way of working by making all our events zero food waste

The food industry is one of the most damaging ones to the environment which is why we are so conscious on doing our part to make sure we’re part of the solution and not the problem.

Such a high proportion of food produced is wasted and not only is this an ethical conundrum considering so many in the world go without, but it also has an impact on the environment. Rotting food produces methane and it is a big contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions that was as humans are responsible for.

So as a company working in the food industry it’s clear why we feel a need to do our part but we’re not just stopping with ourselves, we want to share with our client’s too how they can be greener in the kitchen.

Cooking lessons for the green at heart

A big way you can become more conscious in your own kitchen is becoming more aware of your consumption. We’re not suggesting you change anything in your diet to a greener way of eating, it’s actually much more simple than that. Simply being aware of what you are going to eat in the coming week can be a big help to the earth.

When you plan your meals you are more likely to check your cupboards for what you already have and get this used. This avoids things being left to paste their best and then being wasted and thrown away. It will also help you plan what you need to buy when you go shopping and this morning will help you avoid getting items that you actually don’t need which again may find their fate at the bottom of the bin!

Being more conscious about your consumption to help the planet doesn’t mean a drastic change to your diet or going minimalist, it can just mean to plan which in turn will reduce your waste.

To be able to plan what you’re going to eat in the week, you also need to be versed in how to cook those meals you’re thinking of and that’s where we step in!

Our cooking lessons can help you are your steps to becoming more conscious in the kitchen. At our lessons, you can learn how to make those dishes you’re planning on to help reduce your food waste.

All of our services are tailored to each client and a great way to start with a zero waste cooking lesson is to let us know the staples you already have and we can think of exciting recipes you can whip up using these. We also encourage you to let us know your likes and dislikes, this way we can make sure the dishes we offer are to your taste because we all know if something doesn’t taste right to us that can be another way food waste is created!

So why not contact us today to take the first step towards being a more conscious cook?

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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