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Will what you cook be a trick or a treat?

Will what you cook be a trick or a treat?

Celebrate this Halloween with one of our cooking lessons and find out if your cooking skills are a trick or a treat!

This Halloween mark the occasion with one of our cooking lessons, the ideal way to have some fun now that we can meet in larger groups or you can also enjoy a lesson virtually depending on your preference.

A cooking lesson with Chef’s Compliments is the perfect team activity to do with your work colleagues to build relationships and let off some steam and bring some fun back to work. For our lessons you and your team can learn whatever you like. All our lessons are bespoke so we are happy to hear your suggestions and give ours until we come up with your desired lesson plan. Making the decision on what you’d like to learn can also be a great way to start a buzz in the workplace leading up to the event, why not set up a poll to get your co workers feedback on what they’d like to learn? As it’s Halloween we also have a special themed lesson so if you would be interested please let us know and we can give you more details.

The great thing about our lessons is they can be enjoyed in person or virtually. Although the world is returning to normality we know that some work places still face the challenges of socialising as they continue to work remotely and our virtual lessons are the remedy for this. With our virtual lessons the number that can join is unlimited and as long as you have a connected you can join from anywhere in the world so they really are a great social way to stay connected.

So why not get dressed up and learn how to make some delicious dishes this Halloween with Chef’s Compliments? Contact us today to find out more.

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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