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Virtual Lessons are Here to Stay

Virtual Lessons are Here to Stay

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With lockdown easing on the 19th July we’re sure you’re already thinking about how you’re going to use your new gained freedom. We bet lots of you will be using it to see friends and family who you haven’t had the chance to spend quality time with for over a year now. Not being able to do much for over a year now has also meant that now we are able to we want to make it special and our BBQ virtual cooking lessons are perfect to either take part in with your missed ones or to learn some skills so you can treat them when you do meet up.

We developed virtual cooking lessons, providing clients with a tutorial over a video link, because of the restriction and we weren’t going to let lockdown stop us from delivering the services we love to the clients that equally love them too. Even with lockdown easing, there are still many benefits to the virtual lessons, as many people as you want can join, we can deliver them to anywhere in the country or the world for that matter, it doesn’t matter how remote you are as long as you’ve got a signal. We also know that things have changed over the last year plus and although lockdown has eased, it will take some a bit longer to adapt to going back to how things were and a virtual lesson may be more comfortable for them. So in short, although lockdown has almost gone, virtual lessons are here to stay. Yay!

As the weather is going to be so nice, the perfect subject right now for one of our lessons is a BBQ. We will help you create your perfect bespoke lesson plan, whether you already have the dishes in mind or need some suggestions, you can even let us know your likes and dislikes and we can create the plan based on this. When it comes to what you want to learn at one of our virtual lessons the sky is the limit! BBQ is ideal for now but we can cover any areas you’d like to learn so just let us know.

Once we have the plan confirmed, we will send you instructions on how to prepare for the big day, for example what ingredients and any equipment you’ll need to get, then on the day itself you simply join us by a video link and learn until your heart’s content!

The lesson can be a great shared experience, you could invite all your friends over to join in or you could get different households to also join the video link and share the experience virtually. We also think a virtual lesson is a great idea to gain some skills to show off to your friends and family when you do have that big reunion after 19th July.

If you’re interested in doing a virtual lesson with us, contact us today!

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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