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Virtual Christmas Corporate Cooking Lesson

Virtual Christmas Corporate Cooking Lesson

2021 has been another tough year so make sure you end it on a high with your work colleagues and show you appreciate their efforts during these challenging times by organising a Virtual Christmas Corporate Cooking Lesson with Chefs Compliments!

Since lockdown was first implemented back in March 2020 we have been delivering our virtual lessons to ensure the nation stays connected. The lessons have not only been a great way for loved ones to stay connected but also work teams, they are a great way of maintaining relationships with existing colleagues and building them with new additions to the team whilst we have all been stuck at home and unable to meet face to face. Not only that but if you’re a team leader they’re also a great way to give thanks to your team who have navigated the move to working from home along with all the other uncertainty the last few years have brought!

This Christmas is the perfect time to book a Virtual Christmas Corporate Cooking Lesson! Many are still working from home and therefore a virtual lesson is a great way to include the whole team and make sure the celebration does not go past unmarked. The great thing about planning one of our virtual lessons for your work group is that the same limitations do not apply that would with a face to face event. For the lesson, an unlimited number of learners can join and it doesn’t matter where they are in the country or beyond! The lesson is delivered by a video link so as long as you have signal we’re good to go.

The options of what can be learnt during a lesson are also limitless. As its Christmas, we can teach dishes around this theme. Another good idea and to build excitement before the event is to get your colleagues feedback on what they’d like to learn, you could even do a poll! Just let us know what you’re interested in learning and we will develop a lesson plan tailored to your event.

Once the dishes you’d like to learn have been confirmed we will send you instructions to share with your participants to help them prepare for the lesson i.e. what ingredients and equipment will be needed. Then you simply have to join via the video link on the day of the event and we will teach you how to make the dishes.

If you’re interested in booking a Virtual Cooking Lesson for your work Christmas celebration this year contact us today.


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