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Virtual Christmas celebrations

Virtual Christmas celebrations

Tax exemption for virtual Christmas parties! (& Some ideas!) | Rosslyn  Associates

The last few years have really changed the way we work and we know this can make it challenging to celebrate holidays such as Christmas with your co workers like you used to do. Chef’s Compliments has the solution to your problem and that is our virtual cooking lessons.

Many of us now work exclusively from home and for alot of us that have returned to the office, this is often on a hybrid basis with still some element of working from home. There are definitely benefits to working from home; that extra time in bed in the morning without your commute, not to mention the money saved on travel! The good doesn’t come without the bad though, working from home we have missed out on the social side of work which is a welcome relief to a busy schedule. With the challenges remote working brings though, there is no reason why you can’t meet up with your colleagues to socialise this Christmas with one of our virtual cooking lessons.

Our virtual cooking lessons are delivered via a video link and therefore wherever your team is in the country or the world, you can all meet up in one place to share a memorable experience this Christmas! Our chefs can teach you and your team anything you’d like to learn in the kitchen, as it is the season this could be festive themed. A great way to build excitement amongst your colleagues is to have discussions about what everyone would like to learn. All our events are unique so the plan for a virtual lesson delivered to your work team can be based on exactly what your team wants.

So don’t let this Christmas go by without the virtual cooking lesson experience your team deserves, contact us today!

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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