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Veggie BBQ

Veggie BBQ

Veggie BBQ

There is no signs that the sun is going to stop shining so make sure you make the most of the great weather with a BBQ! This week we’re giving you tips on what you can do on a veggie BBQ. Whether you’re veggie yourself, organising a party and need some options for veggie guests or would just prefer some lighter options in this heat we have everything you need to know here!

Halloumi is a great meat substitute on a BBQ, however, be aware that it really doesn’t need much time on the BBQ otherwise it will melt and stick to it! You only need to give it two to three minutes on each side and once done it should be served immediately, it’s not really something you can leave on a plate to chill or go cold. So it may be best to have those eating halloumi at your BBQ ready next to the BBQ to take it once it’s done, to add to a pitta bread with BBQ veg or even a great addition to a BBQ burger and bun!

Falafel is another good veggie option for a BBQ which is less obvious. The great thing is, if you make a falafel mix you can then either roll this into falafel balls which could be added to a pitta with veg or you could shape it into burgers to make veggie burgers!

If Falafel isn’t your thing why not try BBQ mushroom for a different veggie spin on the BBQ burger? Go for Portobello mushrooms whose large caps will help fill up a burger bun! Once cooked on the BBQ stack a few in a burger bun and add your choice of salad and sauce.

We hope that’s given you food for thought for your next BBQ!

If you have any other dietary requirements remember that we can offer BBQ lessons based on this or if you would like to arrange one of our chefs to do a BBQ for you we can develop a BBQ menu with you taking into consideration your requirements.

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