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The Perfect Addition to your Easter Roast

The Perfect Addition to your Easter Roast

The Perfect Addition to your Easter Roast

Last week we gave you a spin on the traditional hot cross bun and this week we will be telling you what to serve with your traditional roast lamb on Easter Sunday.

Don’t let the weather deceive you, spring is on its way and with a new season comes a host of new produce that are at their peak at this time of year. Not only will the vegetables coming into season be at their best taste wise but they’re also packed with health benefits for you which can all be related to their colour, green.

To name a few of these perfect green additions to your roast there is asparagus, savoy cabbage, sorrel spinach and spring greens. But what makes green vegetables so great?

What’s in a colour?

In our past blogs on seasonal produce we have mentioned how the colour of fruit or vegetables can be linked to the goodness in them and this is no different for green vegetables.

Sun Protection

As we mentioned, spring is on its way and with it comes the promise of better weather which means more sun! It’s no coincidence then that these green vegetables should come into season now as they can help get us ready for those sun rays.

Green vegetables contain vitamins, folic acid and beta-carotene which not only help increase our body’s natural defences but can also help us towards repairing sun damage.

Quench your thirst

Not only will we hopefully be seeing more sun but temperatures should increase too which will mean we need to make more effort to keep hydrated. Again green vegetables are here to help us in the transition of seasons!

Green vegetables are packed with water so will help your body adjust to the warming temperatures plus keeping hydrated also helps maintain healthy skin and hair!

Bikini ready!

With the weather getting warmer you may be feeling a bit more body conscious as you’ll no longer be wearing all those layers. Not to worry! Green vegetables can also help you on your way to your summer body!

Due to their levels of iron and fibre, green vegetables help speed up our metabolism. To add to this, their high fibre content also means they will make you feel fuller for longer so will help curve your cravings in between meals!

It seems green vegetables are a great addition to our diet at this time of year so why not add some to your Easter Sunday roast to get that health kick!

If you would like to organise a dinner party with us over the Easter period, where a chef comes and prepares a meal which can include greens, then get in touch with us today.

Or we may have inspired you to try some new recipes including produce coming into season. Why not arrange a cooking lesson with us which can focus on how best to prepare the produce of this season.

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