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The new ways to celebrate both indoors and outdoors!

The new ways to celebrate both indoors and outdoors!

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The 17th May is the new 21st June! We thought that we had to wait until later in the year until we had some of our freedoms back to enjoy social gatherings again but the recent change in restrictions has been a nice early treat.

We welcome the relaxing of restrictions which came into force earlier this week as we’re now able to deliver some of the services we love again! It’s great for us to get back to what we do best but we also know how much our service is needed for everything people have had to go through the last year, they can finally treat themselves and see friends. We’re here to make sure you can focus on the catching up whilst we deal with everything else.

Dinner Parties Indoors

Yes, that’s right, indoors! We’ve very excited to once again be able to deliver our much loved dinner parties from the comfort of your own home with your favourite people. The dinner party is the ideal way to celebrate the ease of restrictions and it’s fool proof as not even the weather can rain on your parade!

We can now offer dinner parties indoors for up to 6 guests. We will take care of everything, we will help you create a bespoke menu for your party so it’s truly one of a kind and then you can relax as our chef will prepare your menu and cook it for you on the day. The hardest part for you will be deciding who to invite!

Outdoor BBQs and Dinner Parties

We know that the news of rules being relaxed is a big deal and that you may want to celebrate with a party of more than 6, well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The new guidelines advise that you can have an outdoor gathering of up to 30 people. One of our BBQs or an outdoor dinner party could be the perfect way to mark the occasion with 30 of your nearest and dearest. With the summer months approaching it’s also the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the British Summer. As with all our events, we can create a bespoke menu for you and then you can relax and let us do the rest of the work for the big day!

If you’d be interested in booking a dinner party for 6 or one of our outdoor events contact us today.

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