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The Lockdown and Restriction Proof way to Socialize

The Lockdown and Restriction Proof way to Socialize

The new variant has brought with it the prospect of potentially another lockdown but we have a service to lighten the blow of this not so great news, our virtual cooking lessons.

Unfortunately over the past few years we have missed out on socialising as we would do in more normal times and with not so positive news about the virus brings the dread of imminent lockdowns and restrictions. With our virtual cooking lessons you need not miss out on that socialising you love no matter what the government has planned for us next as no matter what is next put in place to protect us it won’t rain on your parade of having a virtual cooking lesson.

You may have guessed it already but you can take part in one of our virtual lessons from home via a video link to our chef who will be teaching you. With COVID we all had to adapt to a more virtual way of doing things, many of us started working from home or switched our visits to family to video calls and it was no different for us at Chef’s Compliments. The virtual cooking lesson was adapted so that we could still deliver to clients the service they loved in the new crazy world we all found ourselves in!

Not only did the virtual lessons mean that clients could still access our service but it also became a great way for loved ones to stay connected and find a way to socialize virtually. Video calls can often go so far but actually having am experience to share with your loved ones helped our client’s keep the fun in their relationships with the ones they loved but couldn’t see face to face.

We know how frustrating it can be making plans and them constantly having to change, this has been all of our realities for the past few years, but when you book one of our lessons you can be sure to know it’s one things that is not going to cause upset and it is going to go ahead. Our virtual lessons are lockdown and restriction proof because you don’t need to leave home to take part!

Our virtual lessons are a great way to socialize with love ones with the reassurance that they won’t be postponed and in addition to this, meeting in this virtual way is also ensuring the safety of everyone as you’re not meeting face to face and possibly spreading or catching the virus.

So if you’re looking for a way to stay connected with your loved ones in these new times we’re living in, contact us today.

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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