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Summer Is On Its Way!

Summer Is On Its Way!

summer bbq

That’s right, summer is on its way and what better way to get excited for the new season than by organising a BBQ with us? A BBQ party is a perfect way to kickstart your summer and is the best excuse to get together with your friends. So, why are BBQs so popular and why should you opt for one this Summer?
  1. Food Cooked On The Grill Tastes Amazing – Whether your favourite BBQ dish is vegetable skewers, honey-glazed ribs or the traditional burger, you can’t deny how delicious food cooked on the grill tastes. Not only is it pleasing for your tastebuds, but the beautiful smell that comes off of the BBQ really adds to the BBQ party atmosphere. If you opt for us to organise and cook your BBQ, we can take the stress away and allow you to relax and enjoy time with your guests, but also design a bespoke BBQ menu so you can try new flavours together.
  2.  It’s The Perfect Summer Party – During the Summer, nothing beats a party that includes a delicious BBQ, music, good company and warm weather. BBQ parties are great for socialising, as the atmosphere is more casual and everyone can relax. With our help at Chef’s Compliments, no one has to be allocated the role of the chef, as we will prepare, cook and serve the BBQ food at your party. Therefore, everyone can enjoy a refreshing drink and catch up with their friends.
  3. The Food Is Healthier Than You Think – Despite people thinking that eating BBQ food isn’t a healthy option, it’s actually a lot healthier than you think. When you cook on the grill, protein and vegetables retain their nutrients more. If you wrap the vegetables in silver foil then they keep more of their vitamins and nutrients. What’s more, you can make your BBQ healthier by choosing healthier alternatives and by cooking less meat. When grilling your food on the BBQ, you do in fact eat less fat, as any excess fat drips off of the grates, so the meat absorbs less of it.
  4. Little Planning Is Needed – If you decide to organise a small BBQ party with close family and friends then not much planning is required. Simply make a list of the food and drink that you want, buy it and invite your guests! Even if you don’t have a BBQ, you can buy a disposable one from your local supermarket. These disposable BBQs are ideal if you are camping or want to have a BBQ on a beach that permits them. If you want to have a BBQ party with more guests for a special occasion or just as a large get-together, then more planning is required as you want to ensure that you have catered for everyone. This requires taking all dietary requirements into consideration, as well as dessert, drinks, cutlery, seating and side dishes. Therefore, if you are planning on having a larger BBQ party, then having some additional help from an experienced catering company is really beneficial.

If you are interested in either our catering services for your BBQ party or you would like to participate in one of our BBQ cooking lessons to impress your guests, then get in touch today. If you would like assistance with your BBQ party then simply let us know the date, location and how many guests you will have at your BBQ and we can either produce our sample menu below or we welcome your feedback and we can create a bespoke menu based on exactly what you want at no extra cost!

BBQ Menu

Coriander, Chilli, Prawn & Pineapple Skewers

Sticky BBQ Ribs

Jerk Chicken & Mango

Honey Halloumi & Pepper Skewers

Carrot, Raisin & Apple Slaw

Potato, Spring Onion and Bacon Salad

Mexican Grilled Corn with Cilantro

Artisan Bread Selection

Sticky Orange Brownies, Vanilla and Citrus Cream


If you weren’t considering having a BBQ before, we sure you are now after reading our menu!

You can call us on 0208 226 37 59, email or simply click the contact us button above!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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