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Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine

For our second New Year tip we are again focusing on breakfast. This time we will be looking at the best drink to accompany your fruit breakfast to give you that New Year health boost!

Most of us favour a drink that is going to give us a good supply of caffeine first thing in the morning, whether this be coffee or a good old cup of rosy lee! This year we are suggesting you start off your day with something a bit different something we like to call a ‘Golden Elixir’ which will really have you rising and shining!

For this Golden Elixir there are three simple ingredients; hot water, fresh lemon and turmeric. Why you ask are we telling you to abandon your usual caffeine fix for this new combination, just listen to the benefits!

This magical combination improves digestion, liver function and has anti-inflammatory properties. The lemon gives you a dose of vitamin C, helps your immune system and rejuvenates your skin!

Turmeric really is like gold dust when you consider its health benefits. As an antioxidant, turmeric helps clear out our bodies and is also good for skin and weight loss. A great addition to curries some of us don’t always have the time to cook so this morning drink is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out on the benefits of turmeric.

There are many suggestions of other ingredients that can be added to this concoction such as ginger and lime but here’s our simple recipe for getting your morning off to the best start!

What you’ll need

Half a lemon (organic if possible)

¼ teaspoon of turmeric (again organic if possible)

1 cup of hot water (not boiling, you don’t want to burn your mouth first thing in the morning!)

  1. Juice the lemon and put the juice in a mug
  2. Add the turmeric to the juice and stir
  3. Stir into the mix the hot water
  4. Keep hold of your spoon and stir whilst you drink as the turmeric will settle at the bottom and you will end up with a bitter mix in the last few mouthfuls!
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