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Perfect Pears

Perfect Pears

Perfect Pears

With them being in season now id the time of year that pears are perfect! They’re a great way to get a natural sugar fix in the cold months and here’s some more reasons why they’re so great!

We know that fruits are considered a healthy addition to our diets and there’s good reason for this as they’re good for our inside and outside, being known to reduce the risk of heart disease and to promote a healthy complexion. Pears in particular are high in fibre and this alone means they have many health benefits.

Packed with fibre pears are a healthy addition to your diet, one pear contains 6 grams of the stuff which is about 24% of the recommended daily intake. The presence of fibre in this fruit is great for a number of reasons one being that consuming fruits with high fibre can keep you feeling fuller for longer so can help promote healthy weight or weight loss. Fibre intake also has a positive effect on lowering cholesterol with an intake of 10 grams of it a day seen to have results, so that’s 2 pears a day can keep the doctor away!

The benefits don’t stop there, the pear’s fibre content also mean that it helps in lowering the risk of diabetes and aids digestion. Not only this but these fruits are packed with beneficial vitamins such as C and K.

We’re sure by now you’re thinking about adding them to your diet but if you’d like to do something more interesting with pears then why not arrange a cooking lesson with us. We can arrange a pear themed, healthy or seasonal lesson for you to help you take those positive steps to eating better!

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