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How to prep for a BBQ

How to prep for a BBQ


It’s about time that we take the party outside and set up our BBQs so we have asked our chefs for their top tips in BBQ prep.

The menu

This is the best place to start as you’ll need to think about who you’re inviting and what they’ll want to eat.

Make provisions for vegetarians and vegans with vegetable skewers and for those that eat cheese halloumi can be a great addition!

For the meat eaters consider if there is any type of meat they don’t eat such as pork. Beef burgers and sausages are quite a safe option or you could try making a turkey burger using the last recipe we shared.

Also consider smaller portion options for kids such as sausages in hot dog style buns topped with tomato sauce and mustard.

The shopping list

Now that you’ve worked out who will be having what it will be easier to write up your shopping list to make sure you get enough meat and enough veg for your guests. It’s always better to do a bit more as you never know how hungry your guests may be! Bear in mind that fish and burgers don’t keep well so it may be better to buy more chicken, steak and chops which can then be enjoyed after the BBQ.

Allow time to prep your meat

Putting on a BBQ is a lot of the time a snap decision when you wake up to the surprise of glorious sunshine! However, when you can we would definitely recommend taking the time to prep your meat as it is best to marinate it overnight to ensure the most flavour.

Cooking the meat

If you have marinated your meat make sure there is no excess marinade on it when you do come to grill it as this will burn and leave an unpleasant smoky taste.

Another thing to bear in mind when you’re ready to put the meat on the grill is taking it out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before hand. If there is too much of a chill on the meat it can burn on the outside before it cooks through to the inside.

Quite an obvious one but we also recommend you test the meat, so for chicken and pork check the juices run clear or you could step up your BBQ game with a temperature probe!

We hope these tips will help you to have the perfect BBQ this summer!

For a guaranteed unforgettable BBQ experience why not arrange for one of our chefs to man the BBQ for you? We have some amazing BBQ menus and can create a bespoke one for you based on exactly what you want. You can even arrange to have a member of bar star to prep cocktails for your guests to make it that extra bit special! If you don’t already have a BBQ that’s not a problem either as we can cover everything you will need with hire from chairs and tables to a gazebo.

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