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Have Yourself a Veggie Little Christmas!

Have Yourself a Veggie Little Christmas!

Have yourself a Veggie little Christmas!

Christmas dinner with the ones you love may seem like a great idea until you realise you have to accommodate a whole host of dietary requirements! Don’t panic! We have got you covered, at least for your vegetarian and vegan diners, as we’re sharing our top tips for catering for veggies this Christmas.

Some simple things to start off with are gravy and roasting, a Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without these two elements. Make sure you make a vegetarian/vegan friendly gravy alongside your meat gravy and best to put them in distinctive pans and then servers so they don’t get mixed up! Maybe make a note which pan you’ve done which gravy in and then which server you’ve put each in. It should be quite simple to make the veggie gravy as you can get ready to make ones where you just add water, if you’re catering for a vegan make sure you check the ingredients for milk or any other animal products.

Next roasting, roast potatoes in goose fat are a favourite of the festive season but these certainly won’t do for your veggie guests! You will need to choose an oil for your vegetarian and vegan roast potatoes and veg, we suggest going for rapeseed or olive oil so that they still get that taste of luxury! Again for the veggie roast potatoes and veg be sure to clearly separate it so there’s no confusion when it comes to the dinner table! Some boiled veg will no doubt also feature on your Christmas menu, if you have vegan diners just be sure to have an alternative vegan friendly butter/spread to add to their portion.

One great thing about veggie Christmas mains is that a lot of the work for them can be done in advance. A nut roast can be made and cooked the day before and then heated up on Christmas day and the same goes for veggie pastry dishes which can be part done then finished off on the day.

So Christmas dinner’s not looking so scary after all!

If you’d like to completely relax this Christmas why not arrange one of our chefs to cook  your Christmas dinner? Contact us today to get your Christmas  day quote, you can call us on 0208 226 37 59 or email

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