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Guinness and Oysters to complete your St Patrick’s Day in Lock Down

Guinness and Oysters to complete your St Patrick’s Day in Lock Down

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Mid March usually brings with it a great reason to meet up with friends and have a party for St Patrick’s Day! This year however will of course be a bit different as with lockdown we won’t be able to meet with friends and certainly won’t be going to any bars. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on the holiday though and that’s why we’re giving you our recommendation for how you can mark Paddy’s day this year, lockdown style!

St Patrick’s day would not be complete without it’s staple of Guinness so of course it is included as part of our recommendation for celebrating from home. This year you may not be able to enjoy your Guinness with the company of a bar as usual, but we have the suggestion of the sophisticated pairing of Guinness and oysters to enjoy from home to make sure you don’t miss out on the celebrations.

You may have heard of champagne and oysters but the pairing with Guinness is also a tradition and of course the ideal celebratory drink at this time of year. The combination of Guinness and Oysters has been present in Ireland historically and at one point was a popular staple when oysters were more widely accessible to the working class. Nowadays most of the bars in Dublin have the pairing on their menus and there are even places solely dedicated to this duo. This St Patrick’s day, you can bring the fantasy of traveling to Ireland to your home with this genius pairing.

Guinness’s classic creamy head and crisp taste compliments the salty oyster and draws out their more complex taste. The saltiness of the oysters is perfectly balanced by a refreshing sip of cold milky Guinness.

There is a Galway Oyster Festival held each year which is actually sponsored by Guinness and its Galway Bay Oysters that we recommend you use for this pairing this St Patrick’s Day. Not only will using Irish oysters make your celebration that bit even more traditional, these oysters are world renowned so you will only be using the best!

If you’re lucky you may be able to get your hands on ‘flat’ oysters from Galway which are the best of the best they’re usually harvested between September and December however supplies can last up until April. This variety can take five to six years to mature so to get the chance to try them is a real luxury!

We hope you’re able to still mark Paddy’s day with a lockdown celebration incorporating the duo of Guinness and Oysters.

If you’d like some more inspiration for Irish traditions you can take up this March to mark the occasion, why not organise one of our virtual cooking lessons? You can learn anything from traditional Irish recipes to incorporating Guinness into your cooking, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a work team it could be the perfect event before the end of the financial year as we know of busy things can get and we all need some reward for our hard work!

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