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Go on, Avo lolly!

Go on, Avo lolly!


We’re used to enjoying avocado on toast or maybe a bagel with a mix of tomato or maybe lettuce to make a savoury delight! But we may be missing out by putting it into the savoury category, it is a fruit after all! In many parts of the world it is treated as a fruit too where avocado is used to make a sweet drink and this is a trend which is also creeping into smoothie bars in the UK. In Vietnam it’s paired with sugar syrup, Indonesians opt for chocolate syrup, Brazilians go for lime juice and in Morocco orange flower water is added.

Considering the different avocado combinations used across the world it is definitely time we stopped thinking of the fruit as just savoury and start to explore its sweet options. Now summer is upon us there’s no better way to try sweet avocado than with our Avocado Ice Lolly recipe!

All you need is ice lolly moulds and a food processor.

In the processor blitz all the ingredients below until they’re smooth, taste and adjust according to how sweet you’d like them. Once you’re satisfied with the mixture simply pour it into the moulds and freeze overnight! Simple!

What you’ll need;

2 small ripe avocados, stoned and peeled

juice 2 limes

250ml natural yogurt (if you’d like to do the recipe vegan you could always switch this for a plain soy yogurt)

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp honey or agave syrup (opt for agave if you’re vegan)

This recipe could also be adapted to a shake by adding some orange juice, dairy or nut milk, the possibilities are endless now you’ve discovered avocado’s sweet credentials!

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