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Enjoy an Autumn Celebration

Enjoy an Autumn Celebration

3 Reasons to Throw a Dinner Party in Autumn

As the weather gets colder and the night’s get darker, you need something to brighten things up and we’re here to tell you how you can do exactly that with one of our private Dinner Parties whilst sticking to lockdown rules!

Our Dinner Parties are a way for you and your loved ones to celebrate each other’s company along with your love for delicious food. The chefs we provide to cater for your party are among the most talented out there, they are handpicked by our head chef Darryl so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Another great thing is that our Dinner Parties are unique meaning that each one is tailored to each client’s exact needs, no two are alike. So whether you have your menu ready planned or you need a bit of help from us with ideas, we’re here to cater for whatever it is you want.

If you are unsure of what you would like on your menu, we offer a free consultation service to create your bespoke menu. We start with asking yours and your diner’s likes and dislikes and making suggestions based on this with you feeding back along the way until we get the perfect menu.

Dietary requirements I hear you say, they’re not a problem either, as we tailor everything for each booking, making special arrangements for dietary requirements is not a problem for us.

Once the menu is confirmed you can relax! It’s then up to your skilled chef to buy and prep the food for your delicious banquet and your dishes will then be made in your kitchen and served for you and your loved ones to enjoy on the day of your dinner party.

So what are the restrictions on our dinner parties given the government guidelines regarding COVID which will come in to place on Monday 14th September?

From Monday, you will be able to socialise in groups of up to 6 with people you don’t live with. In you live in a house of more than 6 or you have a support bubble that makes up to more than 6, you can continue to gather in these groups.

So, to be clear, you can have a dinner party of up to 6 people who are not part of your household or support bubble or if you want to have a dinner party with your household or support bubble, you can have a dinner party of more than 6, depending on how many people make up your household or support bubble.

So go on, why not book a private dinner party with Chef’s Compliments today and have an autumn celebration!


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