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Enjoy a BBQ Catchup as Lockdown Eases

Enjoy a BBQ Catchup as Lockdown Eases

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The 29th March was possibly the most exciting date of 2021 yet as one aspect eased with the rule of 6 being reintroduced! That’s right, we can again meet the people we have missed during these tough months just as long as it’s outdoors. The rule has come at the perfect time too as the weather starts to brighten up and we want to spend more time outside. We can think of the perfect thing to do in the sun with family and friends and that’s one of our BBQs!

With the rule of 6 coming back into play, we’re sure you’ll be seeing people face to face who you haven’t seen for a good amount. Make sure you maximise your time catching up by booking one of our BBQs and getting one of our chefs to do the cooking! We’re sure talking face to face right now seems a treat enough but one of our BBQs would make that first catch up extra special and show your loved ones how much you’ve missed them.

We cater for each client’s individual needs and can even create a bespoke menu for your party, just let us know your likes and dislikes and we’ll give you suggestions until we come to the perfect menu. Or if you have your own menu in mind then please let us know and we’d love to recreate this for you. We of course will also cover dietary requirements too.

Once your menu is confirmed you can relax as our chef will buy all the food and prep it for the day!

The menu is just the beginning, if you’d like extras to mark the occasion let us know and we can see what we can do. For example you could arrange drinks or hire of cutlery through us, just let us know. Each booking is different and we do our best to deliver our clients the perfect experience.

Alternatively to a BBQ with friends and family, you could do one of our virtual cooking lessons outdoors and learn to make things on the BBQ! Enjoy together an experience you won’t forget and that you’ll walk away from with some extra skills.

Just like our BBQs, our lessons can be completely bespoke and we can work with you to make the perfect lesson plan. Prior to the lesson we will give you instructions to prep and then on the day our chef will teach you via a virtual video link.

So if you’re interested in enjoying the sun, fine food and company, contact us today to see about booking your BBQ or your virtual BBQ lesson.

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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