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Eat Seasonably, Eat Sensibly!

Eat Seasonably, Eat Sensibly!

Eat Sensibly

This week we’re going to tell you why putting the effort in to eating seasonably is a good idea. Not only do fruit and veg taste better when they are in season but consuming them at certain times of the year is good for the planet, your pocket, and your health! So you have more than one reason to feel good if you eat seasonally!

The planet

Seasonal growing is better for the planet as it requires less artificial inputs such as heating, lighting, pesticides and fertilisers to aid growth. If you like the sound of helping the planet through your plate then you could go one step further and switch to organic produce. The use of pesticides and fertilisers can risk the contamination of water sources so organic produce is an environmentally friendly option.

Your pocket

Did you know that when a fruit or vegetable is in season it is sold cheaper as there is a higher quantity of them to shift! Tomato is in season over the summer months and therefore will be cheaper at this time. Of course tomato is great at any time of the year so to enjoy it for longer why not make a tomato sauce at the end of the summer which can be frozen and added to soups or pasta dishes later in the year?

Your health

The produce of different seasons is also in sync with our body needs. In season food has nutrients, minerals and trace elements our bodies require at different times of the year. For example, coming into the winter months we need a vitamin C boost to fight off oncoming winter colds. During this transition from summer to winter it is vitamin C rich foods that come into season, such as butternut squash and apples.

We hope by now you can see the benefits eating seasonably will have to your cooking, from improving the taste to giving you a health boost throughout the year. Stay tuned to Chef’s Compliments blogs as we often share recipes based on the best ingredients in season. If you’ve been inspired and can’t wait for the next blog then why not arrange a Cooking Lesson with one of our chefs who can teach you a range of seasonal dishes?

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