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Cooking Catch Up with Colleagues

Cooking Catch Up with Colleagues

Five Key Lessons Learned For Virtual Work From New Virtual Workers

The new guidelines are still advising we work from home where we’re able to but with our corporate cooking lessons we don’t think that’s such a bad deal!

Throughout lockdown we have been delivering corporate virtual cooking lessons to work teams to help them stay connected and to give them a welcome relief from not only work but Corona craziness too!

The virtual cooking lesson was developed as a result of lockdown as we were no longer able to teach our clients face to face. Though we miss that face to face interaction there have been some benefits to moving our lessons to virtual. Delivering virtually means an unlimited number of people can join in so we are now able to share our expertise with so many more in one session than we were able to before! There is also no limit based on location, you can join a lesson from anywhere in the world! Without these limits we have been able to adapt the perfect corporate event.

So if you have a big work team or if you’re internationally based then our virtual lesson could be perfect for you. Without being in the office it’s easy to lose touch with colleagues and this is even more of a challenge with travel restrictions if you’re team is based across the globe. Our lesson is ideal for maintaining those relationships with a bit of corporate fun!

We tailor all our events to our clients which means no two are the same. We will collaborate with you to create a bespoke cooking lesson for you and your team. When it comes to what we can teach we’re happy to hear all your suggestions so why not ask around your colleagues to see what they’d like to do and we can develop the lesson based on their suggestions.

Once we’ve confirmed your lesson plan we will send you instructions on prepping for your lesson and then all you will have to do is log on on the day of the event where we will teach you and your colleagues via a live video link.

If you’d be interested in arranging one of our virtual cooking lessons for your work team contact us today.

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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