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Chef’s Compliments Virtual Cooking Lessons have made it to GQ’s Top Ten!

Chef’s Compliments Virtual Cooking Lessons have made it to GQ’s Top Ten!

Our Virtual Cooking Lessons which we developed due to lockdown have now been recognised by GQ!

Since we introduced the lessons, we have had nothing but praise from those who took part in them.

As if hearing the satisfaction from our clients wasn’t enough to know we were delivering a great service, we have now also received the stamp of approval from GQ!

This week GQ released a list of the Ten Coolest Things to do From Home and we made the cut! Our virtual cooking lessons were the only service of this kind to make the list so you can now consider us the number one place to book them!

Through the struggles that we faced last year, we were proud as a business to have developed and delivered our new service of virtual cooking lessons.

The lessons have become a real hit as since we have started them we’ve received rave reviews from our clients who we have delivered them to, brightening up their lockdown.

With lockdown imposed in early 2020, we could no longer delivered our much loved services of dinner parties and virtual cooking lessons. We did not let lockdown stop us from connecting with clients and sharing our mutual love of food! Instead, we adapted our services the most successful of which is our virtual cooking lesson.

Delivering our lessons virtually has actually allowed us to connect with more clients and share our valuable culinary skills with them. Prior to lockdown, our face to face lessons had limited capacity whereas now we can deliver one virtual lesson to an endless number of people across the world! We are really proud of this product and the fact that we have been able to reach so many people and give them something to look forward to in what has been such a challenging time.

We are really excited by the news and grateful that our hard work has been recognised by GQ and you can read all about it by clicking here.

Our Virtual Cooking Lessons are well recommended and as we mentioned, we are the number one place to book them, so if you haven’t booked yet or if you have and just can’t get enough, then contact us today to book yours!

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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