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The Best BBQ Mexican Street Corn Recipe

The Best BBQ Mexican Street Corn Recipe


After being in Mexico City and spending all my time eating some from some of the best street food vendors I had experienced, I came across a stall just doing corn on the cob. The queue was about 30 people deep (all Mexican) and I thought there had to me more to this than meets the eye. I waited about 20 minutes and watched them hustle about the stall slinging cob after cob and eventually it was in my hand. This was a corn like no other! Rich with parmesan and butter but the lime and coriander evened things all out and the combination really brought the flavour of the corn out.

Ever since this experience, every time I do a BBQ at home I always have to do the recipe below.


Corn on the cob

BBQ Mexican Street Corn Recipe


4 x Corn on the cob, husk removed

1 tbsp butter

1 Sprig rosemary

1 Shallot finely diced

2 Garlic cloves minced

50g Parmesan

60ml Sour cream

60ml Mayonnaise

½ tsp cayenne

Coriander finely chopped

1 Lime

Maldon sea salt

Fresh cracked black pepper



  • Have your BBQ on a medium heat or move some to the side so the corn will not be over a high heat and burn.
  • Melt butter in a sauce pan, cook out your garlic and onion with a sprinkle of salt/pepper on a low heat until translucent.
  • Roll the corn in butter over a low heat and add the rosemary to flavour the butter.
  • Let some of the excess butter drip off the corn before putting on BBQ otherwise it will flame up over a direct heat so better to set above a no coal zone slightly.
  • Turn every couple of minutes when the corn starts to colour
  • Combine the sour cream, mayonnaise, ½ lime juice, cayenne, sprinkle of salt and parmesan.
  • Once corn is ready, lather it in the cream cheese mix, a squeeze of fresh lime, sprinkle with some fresh parmesan and a little coriander.
  • Eat immediately.
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