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Beautiful Beetroot

Beautiful Beetroot

Beautiful Beetroot

We often like to get off the New Year to a positive start with our resolutions often giving things up in the hope we’ll have a healthier year. This year we’re saying don’t give anything up but instead look at adopting a seasonal diet and in the first few weeks of the year we’ll be sharing with you the best fruit and veg in season now!

If you’ve read our blogs you’ve probably noticed that we often promote a seasonal diet for many reasons and here’s a few;

  • Your pocket- when you buy produce that’s in season it’s often at it’s best price because there’s plenty of it available
  • Health kick- the produce that’s in season often has in it what our bodies need for the time of year it’s in season, for example certain vitamins
  • Environment- in season produce often doesn’t need extra inputs such as fertilisers which can be harmful to the environment, as it’s in season it should grow well on its own

To kick off our seasonal suggestions for the New Year we’re starting with beautiful beetroots which are in season now in January. It’s great to get in the habit of eating this vegetable as regular intake helps clean the liver, which may be great for some of us after the festive season too!

The beetroot is a diverse little root vegetable. You may be used to seeing this purple vegetable in a jar drowning in vinegar but they are also great to have sweet and are a great addition to smoothies or juices. Not only can the root be used in sweet or savoury but did you know that the beetroot’s leaves can be a great addition to salads?

So looking at adding beetroot to your New Year’s diet could be a great way to start off your seasonal eating plan.

If you’d like some inspiration on recipes to use beetroot in why not organise a cooking lesson with us? Contact us today to arrange your lesson, email us on or call 0208 226 37 59.

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