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Chef Petros


Chef Petros has worked in high-end fine dining restaurants like Pied a Terre (1 Michelin Star) for most of his career and wants to bring the skills and knowledge learnt to your table. Chef Petros enjoys creating high-quality, creative and dynamic food for discerning clients. Although he has the skills to work in a busy restaurant environment, he feels his greatest personal reward has been serving clients as a private chef and bringing his expertise to this role.



Smoked Nori-Tuna Tartar-Corn-Sriracha

Buffalo Mozzarella-Chimichurri Sauce-Sourdough Bread

Truffle Arancini-Tarragon Mayo

Beef Tartar-Chilli-Yuzu\Truffle Dressing

Goat Cheese-Chorizo-English Muffin



Pork Croquette-Chorizo Sauce-Sage Mayo

Grilled Squid-Smoked Paprika Sauce-Quinoa-Vanilla Olive Oil

Octopus-Squid Inked Fava Bean Puree-Spicy Mayo

Pistachio Risotto-Quail-Gorgonzola

Sautè Scallops in Spicy Crumble-Mango Chutney



White Grouper-Nettle-Spinach-Egg White Foam

Pulled Lamb-Fondant Potatoes-Caramelised Yoghurt

Beef Fillet-Sautè Girolles-Red Pepper Sauce

Steamed Salmon-Fennel\Celeriac Salad-Dill Oil

Lamb Chops-Artichokes-Asparagus



White Chocolate Namelaka-Pistachio Financier-Caramelised Pistachios

5 Textures of Chocolate

Rice Pudding-Vanilla Crumble-Cinnamon Ice Cream

Lemon Tart-Violet Meringue

Walnut Millfeuille-Basil Syrup

chef Petros
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