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Chef Gary


Canadian chef, Gary, started out his career over 12 years ago in the kitchens of The Dorchester Hotel in London. After a year, he moved back to his home country for a while, working as a Sous Chef in one of the Top 10 hotels in North America. He later chose to move back to the UK and settled in Bristol, working at a variety of British and European restaurants, including at the Thornbury Castle, Guyers House Hotel and Combe Grove Manor Hotel.

When he’s not cooking, he loves playing and coaching American football!



Black Pudding, Crumbled Egg, Crackling Asparagus Salad and Spicy Tomato Chutney

Roast Ilse Orkney Scallops, Cauliflower Puree, Almond Pesto, Roasting Juices, Thyme Oil

Brittany Artichokes, Languedoc Valley Sheep’s Curd, Summer Truffle, Shoots, Flowers

Vichyssoise, Salt Baked Celeriac, Wood Pigeon, Cape Ketchup, Ash


Yorkshire Grouse Breast, Coustillant of Leg, Summer Turnips, Elderberries, Smoked Bacon

Charred Fillet of Cod, Purple Broccoli, ‘Baked’ Potatoes, White Kohlrabi, Smoked Anchovy, Red Wine Emulsion

Roasted Kuri Squash, Crispy Skin, Black Trumpets, Spring Onion and Nasturtium

grilled Plaice Fillet in Brown Butter, Aubergine, Shrimps, Violet Potatoes


Slow Cooked Chocolate Fondant, Banana Crisp, Peanut Butter Mouse, Milk Foam

Damson Soufflé, Wild Bay Leaf Ice Cream

Black Saison Beer Ice Cream, Marinated Cherries, Blackberries, Fennel Crisp

Sheep’s Yoghurt Sorbet, Roasted White Peach, Buttermilk Crumbs, Sorrel

Chef Gary
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