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A Summer 2020 BBQ

A Summer 2020 BBQ


The way we have done things in the majority of 2020 have been a little different to other years, to say the least! We have had to postpone, cancel or make adjustments to our plans in these uncertain times we live in. It can be hard to keep up with the latest guidance and the rules of what we can and can’t do but don’t worry, Chef’s Compliments is here to let you know how you can still enjoy a Summer BBQ in 2020!

With the weather looking brighter you’re probably thinking it’s a great opportunity to have a BBQ but at the same time you’re probably questioning whether you can do that! So what do the current rules say and how will that affect your BBQ? We’re here to break it down for you by extracting the relevant information and letting you know how we will be delivering our BBQ service.

Here are the current rules that will affect your BBQ plans;

  • You can socialise outdoors with up to six people from different households
  • You can only socialise outdoors with a group bigger than six if everyone is from two households or two support bubbles
  • You shouldn’t hold a outdoor gathering where it would be difficult to social distance
  • Gatherings of more than thirty people in a private home are against the law

So, if those you would like to invite to a BBQ come from more than two households, you should limit the number of people you invite to six.

Remember, when we say household this includes a support bubble, so two households could make up a support bubble but these two households would not be classed as one.

If you are looking to invite people from just two households to your BBQ, you can have a gathering of more than six however the limit to gatherings is thirty people.

The guidance also says about maintaining social distancing as this is one of the ways you can stay safe.

So apart from the working out the logistics when it comes to numbers and who you can and can’t invite, Chef’s Compliments will be delivering our BBQ service as close to normal as possible!

Once you have figured out who you’re inviting and the numbers, the first step is to contact us. If you have your BBQ menu in mind already we can accommodate this. If you are unsure of what you want on the menu, tell us your likes and dislikes and we can create some suggestions based on this. We offer a free consultation so you can create a bespoke menu for your BBQ!

When the menu is confirmed, you can relax! We will provide all the details to your chef and then will get all the ingredients and be with you on the day to create your perfect BBQ.

Additionally, we can arrange BBQ equipment as well as cutlery and crockery, just let us know what you need!

For your care free BBQ, contact us today!

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