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A is for Apricot

A is for Apricot

A is for Apricot

Did you know that British apricot season is from May to September? So if you haven’t had your fill of this delicious fruit yet this year you better get a move on!

Apricots, with their sharpness, are great in both sweet and savoury dishes. The perfect addition to a pastry tart or to add a sweet kick to a cous cous, this little fruit can be added to a diverse range on dishes.

If you’re looking to add apricot to your next dish here’s a few tips for picking the perfect ones. When it comes to the fruits colour, it’s best not to choose very pale ones. You should also avoid those with wrinkles or blemishes and instead go for a firmer flesh with a bit of give. Another tip to bear in mind is that when you’re preparing it once you’ve cut it in half brush lemon juice onto the cut sides to avoid discolouring.

Not only are apricots great to have in to enhance a variety of dishes but they also have great health benefits. A is for apricot and it’s also the name of the vitamin that they’re packed with! Vitamin A is essential as we move into the colder months as it helps boost the immune system. They also have benefits for your bones, skin, blood and heart so are a great addition to your diet whether dried or fresh!

If apricots are something you’d like to add to your diet but you’re lacking inspiration why not organise a cooking lesson with us where we can create a bespoke plan based on apricot dishes.

To organise a lesson you can contact us by phone or email on 0208 226 37 59 or

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