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5 Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

5 Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

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Did you know that last week was Healthy Eating Week? If you didn’t have the healthiest of weeks last week don’t worry! It’s never too late to make some positive changes to your diet, whether it be giving up something that’s fatty or high in sugar or deciding to eat more of the good stuff. To make it that bit easier we are here to share with you some of our tops tips for adopting more of a healthy eating lifestyle! Plus, with our dinner party hire, you can have delicious meals cooked for you by Chef’s Compliments!

We have chosen 5 things you can do to improve your lifestyle and take the next steps towards being healthier:

  • Have Breakfast
  • Have 5 A Day
  • Drink Plenty
  • Get Active
  • Sleep Well

These are some really simple steps and we’ve broken them down for you to show you the benefits and how easy it is to make these positive changes.

Have Breakfast

It probably goes without saying that breakfast is essential to get your day off to a good start, but did you know that this first meal of the day actually impacts the rest of your day? Breakfast is crucial because the first thing you eat in the morning provides you with energy for the rest of the day, so what you put in your body first thing in the morning.

A simple suggestion for a good breakfast is fruits, they contain the sugars you’ll need to energise you for the day ahead and they’re also great because they get your digestive system going.

Have 5 A Day

That leads nicely onto our next point, have 5 a day! So, start with your fruit in the morning as one portion, then try and make sure you have 4 more portions of fruit and veg throughout the day.

Fruit and veg items can be great replacements for unhealthy snacks such as chocolate and crisps. Not only do fruit and veg not have the salt and sugar content of other snacks but they also make you feel fuller for longer, so it’s wins all around!

One thing to bear in mind is that it’s best to have 3 veg portions and 2 fruit portions as although fruits are better than other sugary foods, they still contain sugar which too much of can cause health problems, such as diabetes.

Drink Plenty

Another simple way to live a healthier lifestyle is to drink more and no we’re not talking alcohol! When it comes to drinking it’s best to keep it simple as water is probably the best thing you can drink.

So, why is it important to drink more water? Water helps you function physically and mentally so whatever walk of work you’re in it’s pretty important to drink water to make sure you’re always on your game! Consuming water can also help you avoid ailments such as headaches, constipation and even kidney stones. So increasing water intake is definitely a must!

Get Active

Just like water, incorporating exercise into your day can also prevent illness such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer. It’s important for everyone too as no matter your age, exercise helps you live not only a healthier but also a happier life.

To get healthier with exercise you don’t even need to get a gym membership! Simple things such as making sure you’re active every day, maybe taking the stairs or getting off a stop earlier so you walk that extra bit to work. Along with being active each day, try and once a week do 150 minutes of brisk walking or ride a bike. It doesn’t take much to add a bit of exercise into your life.

Sleep Well

Along with our first four points, sleep is another simple area of our lives that with improvement can have great benefits on our health. It’s something we do every day but probably don’t think much about, so here is why our sleep is so important. Having a good sleep can help reduce the risk of cancer, stress, inflammation and depression and it’s no surprise when we understand that sleep is a time when the body repairs itself.

It’s important to get no less than 6 hours sleep so make sure you get your head down in plenty of time before your morning alarm call. It’s worth considering other things you can do to make sure you get a good night’s rest such as monitoring your caffeine intake, it may be worth swapping to chamomile or other caffeine-free tea before bedtime.

So there you have it, 5 things to consider in your daily routine to ensure you lead a healthier and ultimately happier life!

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