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4th July Celebrations, English Lockdown Style!

4th July Celebrations, English Lockdown Style!

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We know that the 4th July in the United States is a national holiday celebrating their independence but with the lockdown changes also being implemented in England there’s also cause to celebrate on this side of the pond!

We’re here to give you the low down on the new rules and update you on how we will now be offering our services which we think are a great way for you to celebrate the chance to see more of your loved ones.

So what will change in England this month?

Meet indoors- One of the changes is that we are now not restricted to meeting outdoors, we can meet indoors too which is great considering some of the rainy weather we experienced recently!

Connect with more people- Groups of two households can now meet and what is also great is that you can meet with different households at different times as long as it is just two households meeting each time. Remember to socially distance though, whether indoors or outdoors, with anyone not from your household.

Stay away from home- You can also stay away from home for one night with your household or with people from one household other than your own.

The new rules are great news for those of us without gardens, we can now meet our loved ones in the comfort of our or their homes. It’s also great news to hear that we will be able to meet up with multiple other households as long as we only meet one household at a time. To add to this, we can also get away with our family and one other household.

Given that we have been in lockdown for over 3 months now we definitely welcome the opportunity to see people we’ve missed and it goes without saying that there’s a lot to catch up on!

With the changes to the rules it is also allowing us to change the way we offer our services as we have been restricted over the last few months. We would love to celebrate the changes with you and here’s how we can make those reunions with loved ones that extra bit special!

Dinner Parties- As people from other households can now come to your home we can offer the service of a chef coming round to prepare the perfect reunion meal. As only two households can meet at once, our chef can prep the menu and leave before your guests arrive and leave simple reheat instructions.

Alternatively, we can offer you our meal delivery service or if the weather is good enough a BBQ.

Whatever you want we’ve got it covered to make that first meet up with the people you’ve missed special!

Canapés and Cocktail Parties- Why not celebrate your reuniting with your favourite household in style with a canapés and cocktails party. Again, we can provide a chef to create your perfect canapé selection and a mixologist to muster up delightful cocktails for you and your guests and to follow the new rules, they can leave before your guests arrive.

If you would prefer we can also offer a canapé delivery service and if there were any items that needed to be heated up we’d provide simple instructions for this.

Cooking Lessons- We can now send a chef to your home to teach people from your household in a cooking lesson! For the more cautious of you, we are still also offering our much loved virtual cooking lessons too.

For each event we do we offer a free menu/lesson consultation with our clients so the menu that you choose can be truly unique!

To book your unique get together contact us today!


We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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