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10 Years of Chef’s Compliments

10 Years of Chef’s Compliments

10 Years of Chef’s Compliments

In August 2017 we turned 10 years old and we think it’s never too late to celebrate a decade in business, so roll on our belated birthday celebrations.

There is so much to celebrate too!

Over our first 10 years we have delighted many diners with our dinner parties and made many chefs out of clients with our private cooking lessons. Our customers have described our service as professional, quality food, top chefs, delicious, a great experience, fantastic and said they couldn’t have asked for more.

We have stayed true to our goal of only offering a first class experience from start to finish by using the finest local, seasonal produce and the best private chefs in the game. A recipe for an excellent event!

But enough of us blowing our own trumpet!

We actually couldn’t have done it without you! Whether you booked a dinner party or cooking lesson with us you have been the key to our success. From the amazing reviews you left for us to recommending our service to friends and family, you have been there every step of the way in our first 10 years.

So we want to thank you!

For our 10th birthday we want to give a present to you of 10% off all services in May! Get 10% off your booking in May by quoting ‘CC10’.

We hope those of you who have helped us get to our first 10 years will now join us on our journey to the next and if you haven’t yet booked with us, welcome along!

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