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Your New Autumn Menu

Your New Autumn Menu

autumn ingredients

It’s been a while since we spoke about in season produce and since August is ending and autumn is almost here, it’s a good time to start thinking about what’s coming into season and the new creations that can be made in our kitchens!

We’re sharing with you some of the delightful produce coming into season this autumn as a starting point for you to start thinking about additions you can make to your autumn menu.

Autumn Berries

We associate fruits with the summer months however blackberries, elderberries and loganberries don’t come into season until August and are then in season for the following autumn months. Some other fruits that share this trait are figs, peaches and plums. It’s great to know that although the days will be getting shorter and the weather colder, you have the joy of looking forward to eating these in season fruits as the autumn begins.

Autumn Birds

When it comes to looking at seasonal produce, we often highlight the fruits and veg of the season but it’s also important to look at what meats are in season as you need something to accompany the veg on your plate! As autumn begins, a whole host of birds are coming into season including goose, grouse and guinea fowl. That being said, it’s the perfect time to make your Sunday roast a bit more interesting and substitute the usual chicken for one of these birds. It’s also a great time to think about experimenting and trying new things in the run up to Christmas as these 3 birds will be in season for the next 4 months so they also may be a great switch for the traditional turkey.

Last Chance!

As the season changes and we celebrate all the new produce coming into season it’s also worth remembering that now is the last chance to enjoy the produce of the last season which will soon be out of season!

There are many items that after the summer season, in particular there are many fish that have been in season over the summer months and are now coming to the end of their season. Some fish to make sure you enjoy in the next few weeks are tuna, salmon, mackerel, kipper and halibut.

If you don’t eat fish, something else it may be worth trying out before it’s out of season is courgette flowers. For the vegetarians and vegans among you, they may be a good alternative to fish as their taste has been described by some as fishy. They can be very rare though so if you do see them, snap them up when you get the chance!

Autumn is an exciting time for new produce and if you’ve enjoyed reading about it and want to try some new things with some in season goods, why not organise a cooking lesson with one of our chefs?

We can teach you anything in our private cooking lessons, whether you want to learn how to make great seasonal food, healthy food or anything else you have in mind, all you need to do is get in touch to start the conversation!

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