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What To Serve On Christmas Eve

What To Serve On Christmas Eve

Whether you want to host a party on Christmas Eve, or you want some festive ideas for a relaxed evening in, we have a number of Christmas eve dinner ideas for you to try. So, light the fire, put your Christmas jumper and songs on and get ready to make some delicious meals on Christmas Eve.

Canapes For Your Christmas Eve Party

Christmas Eve is the perfect time to have a party with family and friends and an easy way to cater for them is by making canapes. These mouth-watering bites are quick to make and will go down a treat with all your guests. Plus, with the Christmas dinner being so filling, it’s a good idea to serve something a little lighter.

With there being so many canapes to choose from, you can serve traditional canapes or put a festive twist on classics to match the theme of your Christmas Eve party. From Santa hat tartlets to Christmas Tree, Snowman and Christmas Pudding themed canapes, you can put your festive twist on your canapes.

Traditional Christmas Treats

If you want to keep your food traditional, then there are plenty of traditional festive treats to serve your guests or enjoy at home. From delicious mince pies that are easy to make from scratch, to the classic Christmas pudding, yule log and a gingerbread house, there are so many nostalgic sweet treats that you are fun and straightforward to make at home. For a warm alcoholic drink that instantly reminds you of the festive period, make your own Mulled Wine; the beautiful aroma of the warm drink will fill your house and the spices will make it feel festive whether you have a party on Christmas Eve or not. Another dessert traditionally served during the winter is Stollen; a sweet German bread. Made from raisins, almonds, spices candied fruit and the zest of citrus fruits, you can swap your Christmas pudding or cake for stollen instead. Whether you are hosting a party or sat in front of the fire staying warm from the freezing temperatures, nothing can beat traditional Christmas treats!

Classic Festive Drinks

Christmas Eve isn’t complete without classic festive drinks. Due to everyone being in good spirit, you can create some cocktails that smell and taste like Christmas, which are sure to delight your guests, or alternatively serve non-alcoholic cocktails for those driving, so no one misses out on celebrating!

For those staying in for the evening, a hot chocolate or an Eggnog is the perfect treat whilst watching a Christmas movie by the fire with your Christmas jumper on!

If you are hosting a Christmas Eve party and you want help catering the event or even inspiration for what you are going to serve your guests, get in touch with Chef’s Compliments. We deliver exceptional private catering service for all events across the UK and will discuss your requests beforehand to ensure that we serve all your favourite food, so you can simply enjoy the festivity of the event!

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