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Top Five Student Food Tips

Top Five Student Food Tips

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It’s November and whether you’re a new student or you returned to university this year you’re no doubt getting settled in to student life. A big part of student life is food! Many gain their culinary skills during their time as a student when it’s their first time away from home, cooking for themselves on a student budget, you have to get creative! Food is also important as a student as you need to fuel your brain for all that studying.

We know that life as a student can be stressful enough with countless deadlines and trying to balance your study and social life. We can’t do your coursework for you but one way we can help you with your student life is with our top tips in an area we are experts in, food! You never know, these tips may even encourage you to host your own dinner party.

So without further or do here are our top five food tips for students!

  1. Our first tip starts in the supermarket, right at the beginning when you will be deciding what to stock your student kitchen with! We’re guessing, like many students, you live in shared accommodation? Our first tip is to take your room mate shopping with you or if you don’t share accommodation you can just take a friend. By doing this you can make the most of offers such as buy one get one free. You could also look into splitting the shopping bill with your roommate and taking turns to cook dinner, cooking is so much more satisfying when you have someone to share your dish with! So shopping with a friend is a great way to save some money and also a way to ease you in to student life and cooking by sharing the chore with them.
  2. Our next tip is linked to our first and is something you probably want to start thinking about before you make your way to the supermarket, meal planning. Making a meal plan and writing a shopping list is a great way to get prepared for the week ahead but it could also save you money. When you go to the supermarket with no idea what you’re going to buy you may buy more than you need as you lose track whereas when you have a meal plan and list you will only buy what you need and not waste any money!
  3. Make a change to veggie. We’re not necessarily saying make the full transition to vegetarian but why not make some swaps to meat free alternatives which may be a bit more cost effective. Many people actually become vegetarian or vegan when they study and become more aware of social issues so we’re sure you won’t be the only one! November is also ‘World Vegan Month’ so is a great time to give meat free options a try. One switch you can make is by using Quorn mince. Quorn mince is cheaper than beef, it can be kept in the freezer for a long time and as it absorbs the taste of whatever sauce you cook it in it imitates beef very well.
  4. Use your freezer. When cooking a meal why not make sure you make a few portions worth, this way you can freeze it and on those evenings where you’re going to be up all night revising for a test it will be one less thing you’ll need to do! You can take your frozen portion out, pop it in the microwave and then get back to your work!
  5. You may no longer be in school but you’re never too old for a packed lunch! Taking a packed lunch with you on the days you’re in Uni all day could save you money instead of buying food when you’re out. This is something you can consider when taking on board our earlier point about planning your meals as you can look at your timetable and figure out the days you’ll be away from the house and need to think about taking food and what food you’d like to take on those days!

So there you have it, our top five tips for student food! Cracking this area of student life is easy if you follow our simple advice, it’s all about planning and once you have this sorted the rest of your student life will be a piece of cake!

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