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Preparing for Christmas Dinner 2020

Preparing for Christmas Dinner 2020

How to use your oven for a stress-free Christmas dinner – Which? News

For some of us there is dread when we think of the great feat of preparing the perfect Christmas meal however it’s all worthwhile when you see your loved ones enjoying your marvelous creation! This year, more than ever, the time we get to spend with our family at this time of the year is so precious. Some of us may be mixing with family that we haven’t been able to see properly for the majority of the year or due to the new restrictions, may now only be seeing family remotely.

The most important thing of the festive season is spending quality time with the ones you love whether remotely or in person and that’s why we’re giving you our top tips to reduce the amount of time you have to spend in the kitchen on the big day!

  1. Vegetables

Make sure you maximise quality time with family on Christmas day by peeling all your veg in advance. You can do this the day before and then keep them in cold water over night to keep them fresh.

You could even go one step ahead and parboil or blanch the veg a few days ahead of Christmas and then freeze them, then on the day itself they will just need a short time to finish off in the over and get that desired crisp roasted taste and texture.

  1. Gravy

Gravy is a key component of any roast dinner and a must on the table on Christmas day but you’re probably thinking how can this possibly made in advance when you need the juices from your roasted bird to perfect it. Well, something you can do to save a bit of time on the day is take all the steps to make your gravy without the meat juices and then freeze the mix and add the juices on the day!

  1. Stuffing

Stuffing is another element that a Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without and you’ll also be happy to hear it’s something else that prep can be done for before the big day! You can prepare the stuffing in advance ready to be put in the oven on Christmas day or you can even cook it so that then you only have to warm it up when it comes to serving it.

  1. Ham

When it comes to the meat you serve with your Christmas dinner, the traditional turkey is one component that unfortunately you cannot do in advance, make sure you cook this on the day so it’s moist, you can however save some time with the ham. Unlike turkey, you can save some time on the big day by boiling your ham the day before and then you simply have to glaze and roast it on Christmas day itself.

So there you have it, 3 simple ways to cut down time in the kitchen and maximise time with loved ones this Christmas!

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