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Perfect Potatoes

Perfect Potatoes

Perfect Potatoes

It’s time to share with you the third piece of seasonal produce for you to add to your New Year diet and this week it’s the perfect potato! Potato were in the recipe we shared last week so you already know what you can do with them and this week we’ll tell you why they’re so great at this time of year!

Like leeks potatoes are also full of vitamin C which is great for us when we’re feeling under the weather and they’re packed with other vitamins and minerals to benefit your health. Your average potato contains 30% of the daily recommendation of vitamin B6 which helps the body use and store energy. They’re good for your bones, blood and heart, their calcium content is great for bones, magnesium in potatoes contributes to decreasing blood pressure and its fibre helps lower cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart disease.

So potatoes definitely have some great health benefits that can help us get off to the right start in the New Year! However if you want to add this vegetable to your diet it can’t all be chips! If you’d like to learn some healthy recipes incorporating potatoes why not arrange a lesson with one of our chefs. To plan your lesson you can call us today on 0208 226 37 59 or email

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