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Pancake Day Celebrations with Chef’s Compliments (and around the world!)

Pancake Day Celebrations with Chef’s Compliments (and around the world!)

The ultimate Pancake Day kit for flipping perfection, from frying pans to spatulas

Pancake Day is almost here and with restrictions now being non-existent you can really enjoy the celebration without limitations! We have some great ideas for how you can mark the occasion with Chef’s Compliments but before we get into that we wanted to share with you a bit of background on this celebration being the foodies that we are!

A Bit About Pancake Day

We’re sure you all agree when we say that food is the focal point of any good celebration so what could be better than a celebration named after a food? Now commonly known as Pancake Day, this day marks an event in the Christian calendar called Shrove Tuesday and is part of the annual Easter season for the church. The tradition of eating pancakes on this day comes from people using up the sweet items in their house before they give such things up for the lent period leading up to Easter Sunday.

In the UK today, Pancake Day is celebrated by everyone; Christian, non-Christian, non-religious, we all find it a great excuse to put our flipping skills to practice and get the lemon and sugar out of the cupboards once again, yum!

Pancake Day Across the World

This originally Christian celebration is marked in different ways across the world but all with a similar enthusiasm for an excuse to eat sweet treats. In Denmark they call it Fastenlavn and celebrate the Sunday before lent begins, Danish bakeries work overtime to make buns for the feast which are filled with cream, jam and chocolate. In Lithuania it is a carnival style celebration with public celebrations with great feasts and children are encouraged to ask for sweets, kind of like Halloween’s trick or treat! The Canadian’s do things similar to us and yes you guessed it, we have them to thank for the addition of maple syrup as a delicious pancake topping. If you are celebrating Canadian style though you may not only get the delight of syrup but also a bit of a surprise as you tuck in to your pancakes as they like to add things into their mix such as coins! It’s not as bad as it sounds though, if you do manage to crunch on a coin it’s actually lucky as they believe it’s a sign you will become rich.

Celebrating with Chef’s Compliments!

We’re sure with all this talk of ‘sweet’ celebrations and our new freedom from COVID restrictions, you can’t wait to get celebrating this Pancake Day and you’re in luck because Chef’s Compliments is here to help you make it a day to remember! We have a number of services which would be ideal to not only celebrate Pancake Day but also the coming together of loved ones which has been such a struggle over the past two years.

Virtual Cooking Lesson

One good thing that has come out of the restrictions of the past two years is our Virtual Cooking Lessons. Prior to COVID and lockdown, our in person cooking lessons were a firm favourite with our clients and we didn’t let anything stop us delivering the much loved service! We adapted the lesson so it could be delivered virtually by a video link to ensure our client’s passion for food and learning new cooking skills was satisfied.

Although we can all now meet up without restrictions, we understand that a service such as the virtual lesson is still needed. Lockdown has meant that many people have relocated and therefore the need to meet virtually for work colleagues or family is still there. There are also the more vulnerable of us that whilst they still have to be cautious also need a fun activity to stay connected with those they love.

So the Virtual Lesson is here to stay and is ideal for Pancake Day! It’s a great  way to celebrate with family that aren’t so close by or if you’re a team leader it’s a great activity to do with your colleagues who now may be dotted across the country! The great thing about the lessons is an unlimited number of people can join and they can join from anywhere in the world, all they need is an internet connection!

Cooking Lesson

Whilst we have loved delivering our Virtual Lessons where restrictions have meant this is the most viable option, it is also exciting to be able to again deliver face to face lessons with our clients. A cooking lesson can be a great way to combine the celebration of Pancake Day and also the return to normality!

For your lesson we can create a plan based on exactly what you want, all our events are bespoke. We could look at a savoury pancake lesson, sweet pancake lesson or even a combination of the two, whatever floats your boat we’re here to deliver!

Dinner Party

Speaking of bespoke events, a dinner party could also be a great way to celebrate this Pancake Day. As with our lessons, our dinner party menu can be developed completely based on your likes, dislikes, whatever your ideal meal would be, we’re here to deliver it!

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