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Kiwi Dreams


Kiwi Dreams

Time to consider another addition to your diet to get 2018 off to a healthy start and this week it’s the turn of the kiwi fruit. Ideal for adding into dishes for your dinner party, read more to find out why this fruit has been crowned with the title of ‘super food.’

Previously we advised you to have fruit first thing but recent studies have shown that the kiwi, if eaten around 1 hour before bedtime, can have a significant positive impact on quality and quantity of sleep. This improvement in sleep has been put down to the kiwi’s high antioxidant levels which have multiple other benefits such as boosting immune systems and enhancing cell protection and repair which can safeguard against things such as cancer.

Those high levels of antioxidant in this humble fruit will help you fight off anything this winter season throws at you especially the presence of vitamin C in kiwis. We usually look to the citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons to get our vitamin C fix but did you know that kiwis actually have higher levels of this antioxidant than their orange and yellow cousins?

Kiwis can also help you if you’re trying to lose weight in the New Year. Instead of starving yourself with a new diet why not make changes like adding things such as kiwis which can help digestion to your diet. It is likely that a strategy like this will be more sustainable as you won’t be thinking of all the things you could be eating while your stomach is rumbling!

You can improve your weight and your skin with the kiwi! Vitamins C and E which can be found in this fruit and can prevent skin degradation. You can take a few slices and apply them to your skin to see the results for yourself!

It doesn’t stop at vitamin C and E as kiwis also contain vitamins A, B6 and B12 which help in the running of our bodies from blood circulation to good vision. We need go on as it is clear to see this hairy green fruit has plenty of health benefits. So why not try one before bed tonight and see if you have kiwi dreams!

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