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Half Term Hidden Veggies

Half Term Hidden Veggies

Half Term Hidden Veggies

School holiday time is upon us again, a time when getting your child to eat the right thing can be a challenge. Whether your child refuses to eat their greens or you’re having trouble thinking up different healthy meals to make, or what to ask your dinner party chef to cook at your event, we’re here to tell you all about the new food trend of ‘hidden vegetables’ which we’re sure will help!

Hidden vegetables are exactly what they say, dishes where the vegetables are hidden! There seems to be a rising awareness of health and with this people are becoming more experimental in the kitchen by doing things such as using vegetables in desserts to keep sugar content low.

Vegetable dessert?! I hear you ask, well yes it is a thing! Did you know that courgette can be a great addition to banana bread and can even be used to make sugar free cheese cake! We have even shared an avocado ice lolly recipe in the past which is another example of how you can get creative with your greens.

It doesn’t stop at dessert, there is now such a thing as vegetable dough bases for pizza. So this trend is not only great for sneaking some green goodness into the kids diet but could also help you cut down on sugar and carbs!

When it comes to children’s meals why not try replacing chicken nuggets with veggie croquettes? If your kids love burgers then try making your own and pack in some veg when you do, carrots and peppers can be great for this. You can also be sneaky with your veggies in your pasta dishes. Why not try getting a load of veg for a pasta dish, cook them and season them until soft and then blitz them with a hand blender to make a sauce. Mix your cooked pasta in with the veggie sauce and your kids probably won’t even know how many vegetables they’re eating! This can be a great way to get their five a day in!

So there you have it, hidden vegetables, a great food trend for the health conscious and mums struggling to give fussy children the right food!

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