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The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Green

Green Tea

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Green

Green Tea

Is it already the third week of January?! That only gives us a third reason to take healthier steps this New Year and here is our next tip of what you can add to your healthy lifestyle. We say we’re advising you to add something but we’re actually saying you should change your source of caffeine. If you currently drink regular tea or coffee Green Tea is a healthier option and could help you with your new year’s diet as it increases fat burning and metabolism! Read our top reasons for going green below.

A Healthy Source of Caffeine

It doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee but this is actually a good thing. Too much caffeine is not a good thing but Green Tea has the right amount to make you alert but without the ‘jittery’ side effects that coffee causes. There is another benefit to switching your coffee for a Green Tea as alongside caffeine the tea also produces the amino acid L- theanine which then work together to improve brain function. We’re not saying Green Tea will make you smarter but it’s a start!

Full of Antioxidants

Green Tea is bursting with antioxidants which contain many benefits including lowering cancer risks. It’s worth noting that adding milk to your tea can reduce the antioxidant value however most Green Tea drinkers opt to have it on its own with boiling water and there are other benefits to ditching the milk.

Cut Down Your Dairy Intake

Many of us have grown up to believe that consumption of cow’s milk is good for our bones however recent studies have actually shown the opposite. Not only this but consumption of milk can also worsen acne, it is also high in cholesterol, saturated fat and has been linked to prostate and ovarian cancer. So a move to Green Tea could help you cut down on your milk consumption and bring multiple benefits.

The list of benefits of this tea are endless but don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and see if you feel a difference! Alternatively, if you want to book private cooking lessons to learn how to incorporate greens into dishes, get in touch, today.

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