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Flipping Pancakes

Flipping Pancakes

Flipping Pancakes

It wasn’t long ago that we were giving you health tips for the New Year and now we’re encouraging you to stuff your face with pancakes! Don’t feel bad about it, think of all those things you will give up for lent and embrace this Pancake Tuesday with our pancake recipe!

All you need for this recipe are three simple ingredients; plain flour, eggs and milk. Then it’s up to you which toppings you choose! Will it be simple lemon and sugar or chocolate spread with a fruit of your choice? The possibilities are endless!

What you will need

100g plain flour

2 large eggs

1tbsp oil (and extra for frying)

All the toppings you desire!

Step one- In a bowl, whisk together the flour, eggs, oil and a pinch of salt until they become a smooth batter.

Step two- Put a medium pan over a medium heat, wipe it with oiled kitchen paper. When the pan is hot, spoon on your mixture and cook on each side for a minute- flipping is optional but advised as it can be great fun!

Step three- Your pancakes are ready! Now it’s time to add your favourite topping.

Still not confident in your flipping skills? Why not get in touch with us to arrange a pancake themed private cooking lessons, we can teach you how to make different style pancakes as well as toppings.

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