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Corporate Winter Virtual Lessons to Bring Joy to you and your Colleagues

Corporate Winter Virtual Lessons to Bring Joy to you and your Colleagues


Since COVID hit, lockdown was imposed and things we took for granted in our everyday lives became more uncertain, Chef’s Compliments have been delivering virtual cooking lessons every day as a much needed injection of Joy!

Our virtual lessons are a great idea for something to do and fool proof as no matter what new restrictions are placed on us, our lessons can go ahead without a hitch. This is because to take part in our lessons you don’t even need to leave your home so you can rest assured when you book one that lockdown won’t come in the way of you and your plans!

Booking a lesson is a great way to have a fun meet up when we have to be apart and is great at a time when we are becoming limited in what we can do. If you book a lesson you can give yourself something to look forward to and that’s something we could all do with at the moment. Chef Darryl is the only person taking the virtual lessons as he has a studio kitchen so we have limited availability so get booking soon.

It’s the ideal time to look at booking a virtual lesson for you and your colleagues and here are our top reasons why;

  1. Book a Virtual Work Christmas Party to have fun, make some nice food and learn some tricks of the trade while having a laugh along the way
  2. Many of us get the winter blues so giving yourself and your colleagues something to look forward to is a great way to keep spirits up and hopefully in addition to this work rates.
  3. November or December is a great time to book. Give your colleagues something exciting to do in November to break up the run up to Christmas or book for December and you could make it festive themed for your virtual office Christmas party!
  4. It’s not only Father Christmas’s most busy time of the year, for many industries the lead up to Christmas can bring with it a heavy work load. One of our lessons can give your colleagues a much needed break and thank you for their hard work.
  5. Finally, our lessons are a great way to stay connected at a time when we are isolated and are missing the office chat. So don’t let your colleagues become strangers and book a lesson with us.

We are sure we have convinced you that a virtual cooking lesson for you and your colleagues this winter is the perfect idea but it doesn’t stop there!

With all our services, we like to tailor these and make them bespoke for each client and there is no exception when it comes to our virtual corporate cooking lessons. In other words, you can learn whatever you want!

As you will be learning as a team though, it may be a good idea to get the input of some of your other colleagues! A great way to drum up a bit of excitement in the run up to your lesson is to run a poll on what to learn and get those taking part to vote.

Once you’re happy with the dishes you’d like to learn just let us know and we will do the rest.

Another great thing about our lessons is that they’re limitless, you can have as many people join as you want which is ideal if your part of a big company. Or if your company is internationally based this is also not a problem as our lessons go beyond borders! Participants can join from wherever they are in the world.

By now we’re sure we’ve come up with enough ideas to convince you to book one of our virtual corporate cooking lessons, all you have to do now is contact us.

We are now delivering and offering online cooking lessons.
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